Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Ask and Ye Shall Receive
     Just recently, we were visiting with a friend about God in his life and in ours.  The talk turned to miracles and the things that have happened to him since he came to know Christ.  From where he came from and where he is going, it is truly a series of miracles in his life.
    Often we think that miracles only took place in the days of old-like God appearing to Moses in the burning bush.  Truly, miracles happen every day, we just maybe aren't aware of them, or are leery to call them miracles for fear of being rebuffed by friends and family.  I don't believe that for a minute!  There have been so many 'coincidences' in our life that have saved us from one thing or another, that they cannot be anything but miracles; maybe not a burning bush, or a voice from the clouds, but miracles nonetheless.   I would like to share with you some of these stories and thoughts from my life.
    This first from a trip to Lake Wilson one summer.  We followed friends out and spent the afternoon and evening together, swimming, barbequing, sharing laughter and friendship.  When at last we decided to leave, it was after midnight; early Sunday morning.  Now, on the way to the lake, we had noticed our car said only 12 miles till empty, but figured that when we left the stations would be open, so we went on.  Well, we had planned on leaving  in the early evening, not early  morning!
    So, I drove, praying for a station to be open on the way out, then proceeded to take a wrong turn which took us up and down hills, and west rather than east.  Finally, we found the interstate and headed east.  The whole time, I am watching the dash light as it drops to 8 miles left, then 7,6, 5,etc. and finally, 2 miles left till empty.  I began to pray, asking God to lead me to a small town somewhere, where maybe there would be a policeman, as often they have keys to the local gas stations, and maybe, just maybe there would be one to help us out.  (as a kid, my dad had service stations and the local police always had a key to the pump)
    I spotted and exit,  turned south at the end of the off ramp, where I saw a few lights of a very small town, (don’t’ ask me what the name was, I have no idea) and followed the street to the first corner, heading towards the grain elevator, which usually means a coop and a gas pump.  Sure enough there was a gas pump, and right across the street in a vacant lot sat a police officer, leaning against the hood of his car as if he was waiting for us to show up.  And-HE HAD THE KEY TO THE PUMPS!   He pumped $5.00 worth of gas, told us that would get us to the next town, which was considerably larger and more 'alive' this time of day, and sent us on our way!    Ask and ye shall be given….

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