Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Golden Anniversary

 Through 50 years of 'wedded bliss'
You've learned the value of a tender kiss;
The unspoken love in a tender touch
When words alone wouldn't mean as much

You've no doubt had your share of tears,
of sorrows, losses, and of fears.
Yet through the years you've come to know
That true love never fails to grow.

Then, too there were the happy times
of children playing and nursery rhymes.
Now they have children of their own
It's hard to believe how fast they've grown.

So as you celebrate these special years
With friends and family ever near
We send to you sincere congrats
and blessings from above
May your forever-after be filled
With everlasting peace and love.

                ~Angel Andrewson


1 comment:

  1. Touching piece of prose dear Angel! I love and respect this man immensely. He was the teacher that "made a difference" in my life.